Whose line is it anyway worst dating service

Age: 27
Weight: 164
Height: 46
Size: 3
Gangsta Rap A two person "Song Styles"-type game about a particular occupation. Three contestants in a scene must involve an occupation they used to share.
Home Shopping Two contestants perform a home shopping programme selling useless items. Daytime Talk Show Contestants act out a talk show with one as host, two guests and one audience member. Every Other Line One contestant reads from a play, while the other acts a scene and tries to reach a given end line. What's In The Bag?
Contestants give "World's Worst" examples (dating agency video, audition) using Contestants each sing single lines in an Irish Drinking Song on a given topic. This episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? airs Tuesday, July 23 at 7. This is the "Hats/World's Worst Dating Service Video" where Wayne Brady talks about.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Age: 27
Weight: 162
Height: 46
Size: 3
Foreign Film Dub 2 contestants act a film in the given language, with the others translating. Opera Rock Opera The contestants perform an opera based on the life of an audience member. Hey you down there One contestant narrates a public information video whilst others act it out.
Whose Line Two contestants act out a scene, incorporating audience-suggested lines on pieces of paper given to them. Animals The contestants act out a soap opera, but as animals e. Expert One contestant is an "expert" on an obscure topic, interviewed by another contestant. Panel Using props wigs, hats, etc , contestants become panel members discussing a topic with Clive as host. Let's Make A Date A contestant is on a dating program and must ask questions and guess the quirk for each date. Impossible" Infomercial Contestants present an infomercial on a given topic using random props from a box. Remote Control The contestants are given a show, and must discuss and audience-chosen topic in that show's style.
Some are linked to an sample transcript, or some lyrics from one of the games. Addicts Anonymous Three contestants attend a meeting run by the fourth, for their strange addiction. African Chant A contestant sings about an audience member's job, with the others accompanying the chants. Alphabet Contestants act a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet. Animals The contestants act out a soap opera, but as animals e.
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