Best of the Web: 2014

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As a writer I believe it is incredibly important to know what others are saying about topics I too write about. Last year as I began delving more into the writing world, there were several perspectives and articles that stuck with me and I continued to think on over several months.

Here are the ten articles (and one hilarious video, just for kicks) that I found to be most insightful, compelling and thought-provoking in 2014:

  1. When Risking it All for God Means Staying Where You Are – Relevant Magazine
  2. Singled Out: How Churches Can Embrace Unmarried Adults – Christena Cleveland
  3. Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed – Thomas Umstattd Jr. 
  4. How Do I Find a Mentor? – Relevant Magazine
  5. The Promise You Can’t Keep in Marriage – Relevant Magazine
  6. Why I Don’t Guard My Heart Anymore – Converge Magazine
  7. What Not to Say When You Break Up With Someone – Relevant Magazine
  8. I Am Damaged Goods – A Deeper Story
  9. How to Avoid Becoming the Person You Hate – Allison Vesterfelt
  10. And this man dancing in a watermelon costume.

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