Best of the Web: February


Every month, I choose five articles from around the web that I have found to be intriguing, relevant, or have made me stop and examine something about my own life. Here are my picks for this month, from oversharing online to the poisonous struggle of comparing ourselves to others:

  1. Put your clothes back on: Oversharing online isn’t wise – Jonathan Merritt: How do we find a balance between being vulnerable online and being too vulnerable online?
  2. Finding My City Roots – Darling Magazine: This idea of “settling down” can be something we run from because it sounds boring or like too big of a commitment. But what can settling down actually mean for our lives?
  3. Why all comparisons are bad and how to avoid them – Made for More: Why replacing negative comparisons with positive comparisons is not the answer to this problem.
  4. Things It’s Ok to Feel When You’re Single – Relevant Magazine:  My favorite one is number two, which is an all-too-common idea among, well, pretty much everyone, including me.
  5. What teenagers think of social media – Business Insider: And this one, because I’m a huge nerd and fascinated by all things social media and teenage brain-y. Rest in peace, Facebook.

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