Some Time to Breathe

Hi, guys!

In case you were wondering, I just came off a lovely three days of having the flu, in which I became a lifeless invalid and watched The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story in its entirety (except the final episode, during which I was asleep with my mouth open).

Unrelated to me being sick (or maybe related), I decided (with the help of my very wise mother) to do something significant over this next month: take it off.

Over the last several months, I’ve had a strong feeling of conviction about the distractions that I push into my life in order to push out God, those distractions being things like TV, social media, and yes, frantically searching this way and that for opportunities and purpose when it comes to writing.

I have seen myself fill my days with everything and nothing – all the while becoming more and more like a dried-up prune, sucked of life but still desperately trying to live to the fullest. In my scrambling efforts to “get somewhere” I have gotten nowhere emotionally and spiritually. And I have seen myself fill my time with things that are not life-giving or meaningful in order to run from God.

Because, frankly, I’m often afraid of what God would say to me if he got me alone, sans distractions. Even though very, very deep down, I know God is what will saturate my dried up, frenetic days.

So I’ve decided to take a month-ish break from TV, all social media, and posting on my blog. I’m making deliberate room for God. In many ways I’m terrified, hesitant, and still resistant. But if I really let go and clear out this clutter, asking God to fill it with himself instead, I can’t even imagine what will happen at the end of this time.

I will still be checking and responding to emails during this time, so if you need to contact me or just want to email me, please feel free to do so!

Love, Julia

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  1. I wish you luck and peace! I pray for you every morning, but this month I will be much more specific. I believe that helps.

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