The Rumors Are True: Getting Married is the Best

Hi, guys!

I’m back after a fairly long hiatus, during which I was addressing envelopes, emailing vendors, and making detailed notes about where the gold candle sticks should be placed vs. the crystal ones, probably not unlike the Unabomber in my attention to note-taking.

And yes, we FINALLY got married. After an engagement of 15 months we finally stood under a garland of perfect peonies, roses, and eucalyptus, fluffy bees buzzing around while we read our vows to each other, and got married.

You guys.

Getting married is the best.

Why is getting married the best? Because you get to spend a week hanging out with your best friends and then have a raging party at the end of it that has every food you have personally handpicked (which for us meant wood-fire pizza, donuts, and strawberry champagne cake that we got all to ourselves).


It’s the best because you and your fiancé are so high on this event and celebration and excitement that you have now become one unidentifiable blob of sheer mush, and if you were anyone but yourselves you would be irritated and probably a little bitter that two people were so enamored.

It’s the best because you finally put on a dress you have been trying on for months, and every time you try it on it somehow becomes even more perfect, and then you finally see the floral tie and blue suit and brown shoes that your fiancé has picked out, and the way he looks makes your eyes crinkle and you grin and you love that he, like you, got his hair done that morning.

image2 (1)

Getting married is the best because on that day nothing is expected of you but to enjoy your love. That’s it. Everything else is secondary, even that cake. Even the perfect flowers, even the tree that is blooming right above your table with delicate white buds and you look around at the lights and tables and people and think that you could not have imagined this day more perfect, and you already wish you could relive the whole thing 1,000 more times.

Getting married is the best because there is so much joy; in conversations, in food, in wine, in whisking from one appointment to the next, in looks and touch.

And this is just the wedding. Even in the infinitesimal time we have been married, marriage brings so much wonder, wonder I’m thinking cannot be understood before marriage itself.


And there is so much to say about marriage. But that is for many future blog posts. For now, I wanted to update you all on our happy wedding and all that surrounded it.

If you’re planning a wedding right now, or just have any questions about what this process has been like (both wedding planning and getting married) please email me! I absolutely love to hear from you guys, and I love answering your questions.

Video: Matt Green Films

Photography: Kat Skye Photography

Flowers: Garden of Eden Florals

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  1. Julia, your wedding was beautiful! I love your dress, the flowers, the glow sticks – all of it. I miiiight be emailing you for some advice in the near future, since you offered 🙂

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