Our Wedding Photos!

In celebration of our ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY, I wanted to share a few of our wedding photos! This is merely a handful – I wish I could share every single one!

What has our first month of marriage been like? Well, it’s been a BLAST of a honeymoon in Disney World, continuing to set up our house, eating dinner on our back porch, learning how to have one shared life (with both grace and stumbling), ending the day together, and reveling in the fact that we are MARRIED.

Cliff and I have both agreed that there has been a quietly profound, spiritual change since getting married. Marriage really is more than a piece of legal paper – it’s the sealing of souls.


– XO

P.S. Vendors are tagged at the end of this post!


Photography: Kat Skye Photography

Flowers: Garden of Eden

Donuts: Casual Friday Donuts

Cake: Sweet Frostings

Pizza: Veraci

Dress: Bridal Collections

Groom Suit: Banana Republic

Invitations: Minted.com

Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom*

*To save money on bridesmaids dresses, don’t search for bridesmaids dresses! In their regular dress section, Nordstrom lets you select the color, length, and style, and voila! You have hundreds of beautiful dresses to chooses from (that aren’t marked up because they’re not labeled as bridesmaid dresses!)

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  1. Julia. Your photos are absolutely perfect. I mean come on! Your dress, those flowers, the lighting. Perfect.

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