HelloSoul Travels: The California Coast

Cliff and I are on our way to California!

Well, in two days we are on our way to California.

The next two days will be spent actually figuring out a trip we’ve been planning for months, and by planning I mean excitedly thinking about while doing no actual prep for what is an 11-day road trip. So wish us luck, and say a prayer we do not kill each other before we get to Salvation Mountain.

I have always wanted to drive the California coast. Neither Cliff or I have ever done it before, and I fully intend on embracing my touristy side, the one I wanted to squash so badly in New York City because I didn’t want anyone thinking I didn’t know my way around the subway. California is where I was born, and at 26-years-old I find myself still obsessed with it, hundreds of miles away.

Here’s our itinerary:

Day One

Crater Lake, OR

This is the place where my limits of camping will first be tested, and then tested sporadically after that. Again, pray for us.

Day Two

The Redwoods


Day Three

Bowling Ball Beach

Cyprus Tree Tunnel

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Arrive in San Francisco

Fun fact, I have never been to San Francisco. I heard there are sushi burritos there, so I’m in.

Day Four

San Francisco

Day Five


Big Sur

Big Sur is mostly closed right now due to nature danger, but we’re going to make the best of it.

Day Six

San Luis Obispo

Where I will make Clifford go to the Madonna Inn and take a bunch of pictures so I can solidify my place on Instagram.

Day Seven


Arrive in Joshua Tree

Day Eight

Joshua Tree

Day Nine

Salvation Mountain

Las Vegas

I have not been to Las Vegas since turning 21, so it will be, as they say, a sh*t-show.

Day Ten

Salt Lake City

Day Eleven


I’d love for you to follow along on Instagram (you can find me here!), where I will probably post one too many videos of me bugging Cliff in the car. I will be posting like a madwoman, unless I go through one of my phases where I delete Instagram and instead try to be in the moment more, which is important.

Wish us luck!


– XO

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