About Me


I’m Julia, and I’m super stoked/honored/#blessed you made it here.

This is a blog. This is not a blog about having your life together.

Every so often – and by every so often I mean about twice a week – I end up thinking to myself, “What is even happening right now?”

This is the risk of being 25-years-old (or basically any age where you’re still buying $6 bottles of wine).

My twenties have been a sometimes heart-wrenching, often confusing, mostly badass cocktail of wondering who I am, what I’m doing, and how to live into the cool stuff while I figure the rest out.

Enter HelloSoul.

I created HelloSoul to encourage and come alongside other twenty-somethings as they navigate their unique worlds and learn to embrace the heart of what it means to be this age.

I realized that once I started sharing my own stories of real, actual feelingsrelationships, adventures gone right (or wrong), and all my unexpected questions about this life, I was far from alone (and this was so, so comforting to us all, especially me).

I want to know I’m not alone. I want you to know you’re not alone. And through our shared not-aloneness, I want to make our worlds a little more glorious and a lot less sucky.

I currently live in Spokane, WA. Yes, it rains here. No, it’s not that bad, okay?

I am currently on a small posting break – you can read more about that here. If you need to reach me during this time, please feel free to email me!


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  1. Found you on Elite Daily about “How I learned to forgive myself for wanting a Relationship” and jeez- you really did an awesome job on that. I can completely 100% relate to that article. Thanks for that

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