Meet Julia


I’m Julia, and this is my blog. But this is not a blog about having my life together.

Now that you know that, I hope we can all breathe a little more freely. I so, so badly want you to know we are totally, 1,000% in this together.*

I am 26-years-old. My twenties have been a sometimes heart-wrenching, often confusing, mostly badass cocktail of wondering who I am, what the hell I’m doing, and how to live into the cool stuff while I figure the rest out.

I am trying to live deeply. I am trying to ask hard questions, be present to moments both wonder-filled and heartbreaking, and be the bravest person I know. I am trying to travel because there is so much to see, trying to make art because there’s so much to get out, trying to actually love people and not just pretend to love them because most people don’t fit in a box and have so much to them.

But most of all, I am trying to write it all down. Because writing, I have found, heals and connects. Writing sets free the world inside me and offers others a soul to resonate with, to feel that release in your chest as you breathe a sigh of relief and say, “Me too.”

More than therapy, more than hugs, more than wine or sleep or carbs, writing has been what has healed me most throughout my life. And that’s why I created HelloSoul, to encourage and come alongside other people as they too try to grow up and navigate their unique worlds.

A few things I love writing about:






Faith and Spirituality


I want to know I’m not alone. I want you to know you’re not alone. And through our shared not-aloneness, I want to make our worlds a little more glorious and a lot less sucky.

I currently live in Spokane, Washington, with my cat, Marnie (yes, after the Girls character), and my husband (who never watched Mrs. Doubtfire until he was 28-years-old).

*For reference, one time when I was newly unemployed I fished some Oreos that I had just thrown away out of the garbage and ate them.

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To see places I go, things I wear, and pictures of my child Marnie.


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Because I am the queen of mostly unimportant tweets about how much bread I eat.


I also host a podcast with my friend, Hannah, about all things movies! It has absolutely nothing to do with HelloSoul, but it’s like chatting with your best friends over drinks about that awesome new movie you saw (or saw and hated).

– XO

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  1. Found you on Elite Daily about “How I learned to forgive myself for wanting a Relationship” and jeez- you really did an awesome job on that. I can completely 100% relate to that article. Thanks for that

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