Dear, sweet person who accidentally stumbled on my blog while they were Googling “Hello” by Adele: I am so, so glad you want to contact me.

And there are many fabulous ways you can do that!

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One of my greatest joys is when people email me to tell me not only about themselves, but what is actually going on in their life. Like the raw, crazy, real bad or real awesome things.

I would love for you to do that here:

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I worked in social media for almost three years, and thus developed an addiction to that dopamine rush that happens every time someone follows me or likes my stuff (I mean, I’m pretty sure we are all suffering from this at this point, but I’m an only child and need constant affirmation and attention so sometimes I wonder if my relationship with social media is more worrisome).


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Here is where I mostly post pictures of my child my cat, any sporadic traveling I do*, and life in Spokane, which is mainly pictures that I took five times and then carefully edited in order to receive the most likes.

*I promise you I will never make my Instagram a long feed of glamorous hipster photos of me in a van or on the Oregon coast or wearing tons of midi rings while eating a croissant in mom and pop coffee shop in Paris. I mean, maybe. That would be cool if I did those things, I suppose. And I adore and value travel, but I will tell you right now that one time in 2014 I literally flew around the world to go to Europe and then Thailand and I am still scarred by just how long I was on a plane.


Past tweets include: