Let’s meet! (Like, meet over email.)

Some things I love:

  1. Cocktails that do not include rum.
  2. Two-day shipping.
  3. Awesome people like you emailing me.

Here’s some things you can email me about:

Freelance/Business Opportunities

I work as a freelance writer and copywriter. And I say “work” loosely, because it mostly involves me being in pajamas and eating snacks.

A couple things I can help you with:

1. Writing for blogs, editorial content and/or copy (for websites, marketing or social media).

2. Social media branding, strategy, content creation and/or understanding nuances of various online cultures. 

I love being able to help people in developing creative content – let’s work together!


One of the joys of writing has always been connecting and meeting the people who read my small internet offerings. I would love for you to email me with questions, comments or just to share your story with me if something on HelloSoul resonated with you. 

To contact me, please fill out the form below: